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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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although they were chosen, they would never read his words. they're packages were intercepted by the postal service. >> we hope is why he chose to do this. >> ray was contacted by the postmaster asking for permission to look inside. there were documents stating why he did it. it like a manifesto. is belief that government targeting individuals. >> he said he did not feel targeted, although he did fear for his family. ,e knew that may was struggling they did not know how badly until after the shooting. >> you can see the cry for help with his messages about being broken inside. once to shine a light on mental illness. >> it does not matter how accomplished you are, it is serious. the only other red flag esau
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was a link myron sent recently turn fromst even minnesota interviewing a former operative that created a system to read people's minds. josie sturman, abc 7 news. learning more from the accused gunman's foster mother. on heray was thing property and she says he seemed fine. there has to be mental illness or something we were not aware of. had been staying in a cabin about three weeks. she was helping may get back on his feet as he was on the verge of bankruptcy. weather, and other january-like day. we might have a light at the end of the tunnel. doug hill has a look at that. >> absolutely. now, 15ers right degrees colder than they were this time yesterday.
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37 at reagan national. 34 winchester. 38 in fredericksburg. coldind bringing in the day from 7-12 miles an hour. the winds will diminish tonight and with cold air, we are going to drop to 15 degrees tomorrow morning. and then as far as what happens around the rest of the country, temperature is an indication. 58 in st. louis. sunday for the warmer temperatures to get here. 40's tomorrow. for these for sunday. sunday evening, some rain possible. the seven day outlook, a little mention of rain possible on wednesday. clear skies on thanksgiving. that when i join you in about 15 minutes. >> we will see you then. the snow was finally ending in buffalo. 7-10 feet fell in the region since monday.
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13 deaths are blamed on the storm's and dozens of roofs have collapsed. while the skies are clearing, western new york is not out of danger. we will have a report coming up shortly. >> in the meantime, breaking news from the district where police have announced the arrest of a former high school employee. young isld charles accused of abusing a male student last fall. the student reported the abuse last week. young resigned last month. please say they believe there could be other victims and they plan to hold a news conference. big developments in the case of the teacher accused of sex crimes against to students. charges just filed against jose pineda include allegations of abuse dating back 10 years. kevin lewis just spoke with police. what have you learned? >> three more girls have come fort accusing pineda of touching
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them. that brings the total to four girls from three middle schools in germantown, gaithersburg and tonight there is concern m cps ignored warning signs for more than a decade. according to charging documents, pineda groped a seventh-grade girl while teaching in gaithersburg in 2004. police said the grill and her mother contacted the principal, but there is no record of charges. investigators are looking to school at school leaders failed to report the crime. is there a thought the school system try to cover this up? >> ask them. t system.s tool -- ps said they have not determined what has been reported. it kept pineda on a substitute teaching roster, including
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victims 2, 3, and four. set the policies regarding how they hire or use substitute teachers. >> shock. >> this person runs in education mc here'spe contends more about pr than student safety. need some serious action to come from the school system to show they do mean they are going to keep children safe and to date we are not seeing that. was a substitute teacher at a number of schools in montgomery county. he is accused of touching girls at ridgeview and four stoke middle school in gaithersburg and another school in germantown. police say it is possible there are more victims. in gaithersburg, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. hes firing another shot as
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built support for his plan to overhaul immigration policy. this afternoon he said he gave the house the year and a half to put together a simple yes or no vote on a senate plan. >> i cajoled and i called and i met. i told john boehner i would wash his car. i will walk your dog. , juster you need to do call the bill. that is how democracy is supposed to work. republicans contend the president overstepped his power to end the threat of deportation for 5 million illegal immigrants. hundreds of people were near the white house in a show of gratitude. the executive order would provide relief to millions of families. many of those at the rally were undocumented immigrants themselves who are relieved they
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can legally apply for work permits. the president's plan set a wave through the community across the nation, but not everyone agrees with the plan. horace holmes joins us outside and he's gothouse reaction from both sides. >> leon, the rally just ended a short while ago at lafayette park. they stood the entire time listening to the president speak likedio, holding up signs this saying thank you to president obama. peter and his family traveled from maryland today to take part in the rally at the white house. >> we are trying to do our best. his wife came to the u.s. almost two decades ago. their youngest was born here. they have lived here undocumented until now. taking part in this rally is their opportunity to express
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their happiness with the order which will allow them, because the youngest was born here, to acquire a three-year work permit. >> i will be more safe. for us as a relief family they will be able to stay here for three years. again, it is frustrating not everyone was included. fairfax, this person enjoys a moment he has waited 10 years for. he moved here from honduras when he was 13 dreaming to become a citizen of the united states. >> i feel free, honestly. fortunate to is have worked his way through the system with the help of a relative. he knows so many other immigrants face and a most impossible path. he can do better. we can do better than just something temporary. >> so what is next?
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according to organizers, they say the job now is to push for a good immigration reform bill. abc 7 news horace holmes., >> our coverage continues on abc 7 news at 6:00 tonight with the plans the republicans are considering. >> tensions are flaring in on whether toouri indict the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. clashes,er protests in new steps aimed at preventing violence there. rebecca cooper is in the satellite center monitoring what is happening. >> officials made clear they are not in formal negotiations, that they are continuing talks to whererules of engagement
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police will not use excessive force as long as they renounce and avoid violence. tension growing all week spilled over. six protesters were arrested thursday night. today they are encouraged by ongoing work with organizers to urge calm. >> the fact we can have a conversation. even though there may be differing opinions, i have confidence we will come through this better and not worse. >> the mayor released this announcement calling for peace and trying to reassure residents. >> we are ready, st. louis. we are ready to make sure all voices can be heard. officials also released this psa. >> we are in this together, st. louis. can accomplisht
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anything. we will work together. >> already the father of michael brown, the teenager shot, has sent this message. destroying property is not the answer. i do not want my son's death to be in vain. >> today in another psa, eric holder urged demonstrators to affect positive change by avoiding violence. one schooln high, district announce they are canceling classes monday and tuesday. they say they do not want students in danger trying to get back-and-forth from school. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. count on us to keep you informed with the very latest from ferguson. we will bring the announcement to you on air and online at
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up, the lasting impact . 20 years after a gunman stormed police headquarters, the intended target reflects on what it has meant for the city. and a connection between two carjackings in northern virginia. and the new thread for a community buried under seven feet of snow.
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>> we are learning more about last month's deadly air collision. the collision avoidance system did not the nearby helicopter. the aircraft collided, killing all three in the helicopter. the sunshine finally returned for tens of thousands in western new york. far frome danger is over as the community begins to dig out. carolyn costello with how the process is going and the new warning for people.
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>> absolutely. been out tone has most of the day. a little bit of light snow this evening. for the most part, it is over. more than seven feet has fallen. the snow isre where piled up, if you look at the rooftops of the homes behind me, there is a lot of snow. that is causing some of the biggest problems we have seen today, the heavy weight of the .now, too much many roofs collapsing. people have been racing to get the snow, shoveling it off all day. a dangerous undertaking. that has been one of the biggest haveems, 30 buildings collapsed and a lot of other homes partially collapse. authorities are watching hundreds of homes because many
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of them are in jeopardy. they are continuing to dig out. many major roads have been closed. they are just now starting to the three ways. they are telling people to stay off the road because you have so many emergency crews trying to plow to get to people who have been stranded and cars are getting stuck on some of the side streets which will be in the way. certainly this emergency situation not over yet and it is still very cold right now. they are expecting a major warm-up. temperatures expected to reach by monday. quite a turnaround. all of the snow is going to melt. it is going to melt quickly. a new problem now arises, the problem of flooding. i can't imagine anything more terrifying than sitting in light
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of a home right now being fearful it is going to collapse. do we have how many idea how many are in danger of collapsing? >> we were told authorities are watching hundreds right now. under 100 underwent partial collapses. people had to be evacuated. s starting to beam buckle. we've had about 30 major collapses of buildings. so those are the numbers right now. when all of the snow starts to melt, and there is going to be rain, the rain on top of the melting snow will the heavier on the roof. they are expecting more collapses and they are expecting be increased to be exponential. that is going to be a big problem here. >> a 1-2-3 punch.
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thanks for updating us. we will talk soon. littles here to talk a bit more. what an awful situation. >> by tuesday, it will get cold again. that will limit the effect of the melting snow. the rain is going to add to the weight because you won't be able to drain it anywhere. it is not good. here, just cold. that's it. district, it was a gorgeous day. and a beautiful moon set. there it went. and now we have clear skies and the temperatures are going to drop quickly tonight. .robably in the teens 31 now in great falls. this is live, that is why you see the numbers change in front of you. 31 in great falls and
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temperatures continue to head down. farther west across the initial divide, you get back into the 20's. there is plenty of cold air to the west. light planes, 15-20 five. that is the range we are going with. a fairly small bubble. the last one was a huge area. this one is lower. what will happen is this high pressure will turn to the south west. that will warm us tomorrow. going in to gois into buffalo all stemming from the storm system moving to the northeast and as it does it will push the warm front in our direction. the way it will manifest itself, not much tomorrow. tomorrow will be beautiful and into the 40's. sunday, and we will see the warm front approach, we are going to pick up cloudiness.
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the sunshine will be around for a wild. by sunday night, the front will give rain to our area sunday night and then we will break into the warm air. monday approaching 70 degrees. we will have sunshine, a few clouds during the day. we willday morning, have sunshine and then the clouds come in the afternoon and the rain is on its heels and if anything could linger into monday morning, and then we will break into the warm sector. what we have tomorrow is a cold start and a pleasant finish. 47 in the afternoon. the next seven days, temperatures that will climb higher. don't want to forget to mention tomorrow morning on news channel 8, the montgomery thanksgiving day parade beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and it is a lot of fun. it is a tradition to get you in
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the holiday spirit. sunday, and monday is the bonus day. close to 70 degrees in the afternoon and then tuesday, if the a chance of rain storm system we are watching develops along the coast. by the afternoon, there could be showers up and down the i-95 corridor. i can't guarantee there is not going to be any rain, because the storm system has not formed yet. monday, we will be all over travel. quite so we've got time. ok. >> let's talk about living conditions with the cold weather. sleeping in the cold. why john gonzalez spent the night on the freezing streets of d.c. with executives. and the intended victim of a
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shooting rampage in police headquarters 20 years ago reveals the changes he has seen. >> investigators believe a carjacker could be praying on northern virginia.
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photojournalist capture this car fire this morning. the car burst into flames in southeast. no reports of injuries. >> striking similarities between crimes have investigators on the hunt for a possible serial carjacker. in both cases the suspect pulled a gun and carjacked ended ducted -- and abducted the female drivers. the most recent occurred at the vienna metro station, and that is where stephen tschida is now live with who the police are looking for in the cases. stephen, what have you learned? >> investigators believe this is likely a serial carjacker. they are putting out surveillance photos and this composite in hopes that somebody recognizes the suspect and gives the police the tip they need. is this a serial carjacker?
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on a who pulled a gun woman as she walked to her car in the walgreens parking lot order to her into her vehicle, then took her on a terror-filled tour of area atm's. two crimes just days and a mile apart. in both cases, the suspect used a similar m.o. the first happened outside of walgreens. the water the woman to drain her bank account at various atms. then he got out at the new carrollton metro station. >> very scary. >> the second offense took place november 12, the suspect try kicking -- suspects striking at about 10:30. >> i guess he can happen anywhere. >> he ordered the female driver to let her in and demanded that he take her to a string of atms, this time in prince george's county. the ordeal ended at the new carrollton metro station. >> i'm apprehensive. >> maria left her car at the
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metro station and took the metro into the city. she expects to retrieve her vehicle at about 10:00 tonight. if i can find somebody who will be kind enough to walk me to my car. >> neither women involved in the carjackings and abductions was injured. investigators are anxious to get the suspect off the street because they believe it's likely he will strike again, and soon. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. d.c.ming up -- councilmember marion barry back in the hospital. how the cumulative years responding and what it means for one of his signature events. >> bizarre robberies caught on video. the law enforcement community gathered today to remember the tragedies that struck police headquar >> a solemn anniversary in d.c.
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march 20 years since a gun man opened fire inside of d.c. police headquarters, killing three people. >> tonight we are hearing from the man who was the target. sam ford cover the shooting 20 years ago and was at today's memorial service. he joins us live from police headquarters.
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d.c.vember 1994, something stood for, dodge city, four times as many, sides as now, so much that fbi moved into police headquarters to help the d.c. police when the mayhem on the streets walked into the building. people remember today. and sir downtown today, they remembered 20 years ago. >> a multiple shooting and police headquarters. >> it was frightening, horrible, deadly. >> it's painful. even after all this time it's painful. homicide at the time was investigating a man former to her. headquarters to kill him, except he was not there, so he shot the people who were, killing a d.c. detective and two fbi agents before killing himself. manhe police memorial, the
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who shot the day remembered those who died. sitartha, mike, and hank side-by-side in heaven. >> it was a day of memory for each of the victims. >> you never forget a day like this. >> it brings back a bunch of memories. we saw a lot of friends who were very supportive to the family. >> many said the victims did not die in vain, ec is much safer than back then. her personal level, husband, father, now judge hennessy, the intended target? >> i think to myself, my god, can you imagine of circumstances had not been different? my kids would have grown up without me. >> it was a very much a reunion of the police from that era. beginning of metal detectors in virtually every building in d.c. one of the family members said the important thing is that
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their loved one has not been forgotten. live from northwest, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> no, they will not be forgotten. time to look at the top stories -- the f ei -- the fbi is investigating packages mailed by the gun man at florida state university. news learned that one of the packages contain a manifesto and an explanation of the shooting and his believe the government was spying on him. the police responding to the shooting shot and killed the gun man. >> montgomery county police add to the list of charges in a,bstitute teacher jose pined now accused of inappropriately touching four middle school girls. he is being held on $150,000 bond. andenewed calls for calm in around ferguson, missouri. the grand jury will decide at any time. -- enforcement is leading
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meeting with protest groups to try to avoid a repeat of violence. >> the holiday shopping season is underway and leaves are on the prowl. releasedtan police surveillance video of one such suspect. in the middle of the afternoon, he walks right up to the porch, grabs the package, puts it in his bag it, and walks away. this happened last month on brown street in northwest. the police are asking anyone who recognizes this man to give them a call. time to check the traffic situation with bob immler. how is the bridge looking? >> 14th street bridge, the crash is still there. it happened just after 3:00. there are tieups in both directions over the 14th street bridge. the express lanes are open, but 395 northbound delays beginning shirlington. slow on both ways of the george
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washington parkway, as well as 110 southbound from the pentagon. big delays. just volume delays on 395. the beltway, also volume delays. andng out of tysons, to 270 silver spring, just volume heading west to centerville with all lanes open. have a great weekend. >> thank you, bob. sunday is your chance to get a free digital tv antenna. >> a lot of people are under the mistaken impression that if they want high definition and digital tv, they have to pay for them. in many cases, they are free over the air. all you need is an antenna. >> the giveaway is organized by the name of the company as they willirect, and be handing out antennas and 25 cities.
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the first 1000 people in washington will receive free antennas if they arrived between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. sunday at eastern market. >> coming up -- caught on video, two bizarre robberies in the same key minute he. two bizarre robberies in the same community. councilmembert, marion barry is being monitored by doctors. at 6:00, a woman accused of carrying an unlicensed gun outside of the white house.
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>> d.c. councilmember marion barry is back in the hospital tonight. the diagnosis has not been made public. >> a spokesperson said the 78-year-old was just not feeling well. marioner d.c. mayor barry was admitted to the hospital thursday night. >> under the weather. you don't take anything for granted. he went to get things checked out. >> he has faced health challenges over the air, prostate cancer, diabetes, a kidney transplant, and two lazy
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hospital stays earlier this year because of a serious blood infection. serious hospital stays because of a blood infection. today, washingtonians were anxious to hear how he is feeling. >> i wish him well in healing. >> i hope and pray for a speedy recovery. barry's spokesperson emphasizes coming here was a precaution, but it is not clear how long he will remain in the hospital. the doctors say he is alert and resting. >> mayor barry is ok. >> he is still working from his hospital bed. he was excited to see his interview with oprah winfrey, scheduled to air this weekend. and the show will go on at his annual turkey giveaway. i would be surprised if he is
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not there, to tell you the truth. he will figure out a way. >> he is planning on being there tuesday to give out over 3000 turkeys. are you kidding me? >> my kid mean, abc 7 news. kinneen, abc 7 news. spending a night outside in the cold. high-powered executives spent a nice on the streets -- night on the streets. >> caught on camera, when we come back, what happened.
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>> caught on video, a brazen armed robbery outside of a story new carrollton. hold up aeo, two men victim at the cart return at the store on annapolis road. int is just one of a few recent days of robberies where you would not expect them. brad bell joins us from new carrollton. you spoke with one of the victims? >> yeah, allison, she was rattled.
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we have two crimes caught on camera. they happened in places like right in front of the store, where the victims never imagined they would be in danger. the only thing they have in common is the bad guys clearly did not imagine they would be on camera. watch this video carefully. the man in the light-colored jacket is being mugged by the two gunmen. it is 6:30 a.m. wednesday the victim is reporting to work at the busy story new carrollton. the robbers attempted get inside, then all the victim away from security cameras. out of sight, they pistol with him. >> that is crazy. the man coming to work for an honest day of work and they beat him like that? that's crazy. >> the victim's head was split open during the assault. >> he has a family. as this good man crawled through a popeyes fried chicken window monday. it is 10 a.m. he pulls the gun out of his
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pocket and pointed at his startled victims. >> i was afraid of my life. i have a kid. are protecting her identity. she was forced to look down the barrel of the gun. >> you were calm. >> i said you are here for the money, i will give you the money, but don't hurt anybody. any ofas the last thing the victims expected, early in the morning, their guard down. the police hope that some but he recognizes the gunman, and say the video speak to a truth. >> you cannot predict what a criminal is thinking. >> the police understand the people caught on camera were wearing masks and footie's and cannot see their faces, but they believe some of the out there will likely recognize an article of clothing, a mannerism, the way some but he walks. they want to get these bad guys off the streets. a new carrollton, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> here is hoping somebody steps up and helps out.
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anne arundel county police are looking for a man in connection with a stabbing. vesta gator said the suspect got into an argument yesterday afternoon a restaurant in laurel. off of hisng the man car, the suspect followed the victim home and stabbed him in the driveway. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the police are looking for the suspect and his vehicle, described as an older green nissan maxima. the vehicle may have damage on the hood as well. cymer a 7 on your side alert, lexus is recalling nearly a half-million vehicles because of a few line danger. it is on three models and can cause a fire for stop it involves the lexus gs and iis models from 2006 to 2011 and is sedans. lexus says the recalls are precautionary. dealers will make repairs at no cost to the owners. >> coming up at 6:00, gordon
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peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> tonight, the immigration decision. how the republicans are reacting to president obama sweeping changes. it also appears that efforts to promote the opening of the i-95 express lanes is backfiring, as a result of a new survey. and we are hearing from the owner of a stolen local food truck. this is pretty hard to miss. those stories and more at 6:00. welcomeime, we have a update, the northbound lanes of the 14th street bridge are now back open. they had been shut down since about 4:00 after a serious accident. it will still take time for the backups to clear out, but the 14th street rages back open for the evening commute. >> that is good news. let's see if doug has good news with the weather. nice warming, a trend, but we have rain as
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sunday night approaches. the conditions around the region, clear skies after sunset, the temperatures dropping, upper 20's, 30's across the region. 37 reagan national, 30 to baltimore, 34 annapolis. through the overnight, clear skies, very light wind, dropping quickly. 15 to 35 degree low temperatures are common across the viewing area by the morning. a nice recovery through the day because of the high pressure. the core of the cold air will move out. partly cloudy skies through the day, highs in the mid to upper 40's tomorrow. through sunday, we will be left-hand side of your screen, a warm front sneaking up the tennessee valley. the low-pressure precedes it, and that will bring rain sunday night. while temperature, mid 50's sunday, monday, dry and warm air. we may have some parts in the area approaching 70 degrees monday afternoon. tomorrow, slow and steady climb to about 47 in the afternoon.
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55 sunday, morning clouds, afternoon sun, evening rain. warm on monday. tuesday and wednesday pleasant. chance, of rain, slight as the storm system forms along the coast. we will explore that all next week as we give you up-to-date on the travel day. for the moment, we are holding on to the forecast thanksgiving and friday, partly cloudy, middle 40's. are holding onto hopes the wizards look at tonight and will be on national television. >> a big game for both teams, and robert burton is live with the latest. everybody getting ready? >> the players have already hit the court, getting their shots up. for is no regular matchup the wizards, and it's not just because lebron and the cavaliers are in town. like you said, this will be on national television. easy to get caught up in all the lights. but if you want to take down
5:52 pm
lebron and a young, talented cavaliers team, you need a balanced attack. the wizards win streak at home was put to bed after a loss to the mavericks wednesday. a chance at redemption comes tonight as lebron and company are in town. the players know it will take a full team effort to get the win. we have to come up with the attitude that today we will be here and try to win this game. we have to do it as a team. .> we have to play together they had experienced a little playoff action. it is a young group. >> with the game in the national spotlight, the team game will take some discipline. >> it gets emotional, especially big games. it's a playoff type atmosphere. the big thing is just to not get caught up in the lights. >> account is the same. you win, goes in the win column,
5:53 pm
you lose it goes the other way. >> weather lebron is in town or not, randy wittman just needs consistency. >> if we want to continue to grow as a team, we have to put our best foot forward every night. that is how you accumulate over 82 games the chance to be in the position to do more. >> just another game, take another step forward to become a better team. playoffs we get to the and be ready to play the highest level. >> like paul pierce said, expect a playoff type atmosphere. at 6:00, tonight you will see one of the best player rivalries the league has to offer. for now, live at the phone booth, robert burton, abc 7 sports. >> think you, robert. -- thank you, robert. up next, they spent the night freezing.
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>> this morning, we saw temperatures drop overnight. that, five dozen high-powered executives decided to sleep outside. >> john gonzalez was among them, and as he explains, it was all for a good cause. the shadows of city hall, this is where i slept, on a couple cardboard boxes and a sleeping bag. it was ok for about two hours, but that it was not much with the extremely brutal wind that was whipping through. inut 60 people took part what is an annual sleep out. >> now i have the ability where i only have to do it one day night. situation.tersweet >> several dozen people sacrifice their warm homes and comfy beds to sleep outside alongside me. >> we have one of the highest rates of homelessness and
5:58 pm
poverty in the nation. >> the group led by the covenant house washington joins 41 other cities around the country with the annual sleep out. most admit that sleeping was a challenge. each year it gets colder, but the message gets brighter. young people in d.c. struggle with homelessness every year. some 400 resort to sleeping on the streets every night. tom brown was one of them, and he now works with the advocacy group. weather extremely cold and the loud noise from downtown the rats aten , i only gota about an hour of sleep. covenant house is hoping to $200,000 with this sleep out. they have arty got in about 80% of that goal. in downtown washington, john gonzales, abc 7 news.
5:59 pm
>> thank you for that, john. here is hoping they make her goal. >> were exceeded. >> that is all for abc 7 newat 5:00. >> coming up, the fight over immigration heats up on capitol hill. how president obama is rallying support and how republicans could fight back. during athe commotion court hearing for a woman accused of carrying a gun at the white house. >> and the i-95 express lanes. what a study among drivers discovered. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] is in lasnt obama vegas tonight to rally support for his executive action on immigration reform. >> they are the most sweeping changes in decades. the president's move is release -- is leading to a showdown among republicans. scott thuman has the reaction
6:00 pm
and what could be next in the fight. >> we knew this would be drawing a line in the sand. this is between the white house and republicans. 24 hours later, it is not just a line, this is a trench. a party of sorts outside of the white house today, thanking the president for easing deportation fears for millions of illegal immigrants. >> it was very frustrating, sad, stressful. not a near shot was in las vegas, at the same school where he unveiled his strategy two years ago. >> you can come out of the shadows, get right with the law. >> but still getting an earful, especially from republican lawmakers, calling his act those of an emperor. >> the president has chosen to liberally -- deliberately sabotaged any chance of and


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